The lone research outpost L11, carved deep beneath the surface of the third moon of Abarran—which is constantly harassed by raging methane storms—was evacuated two hundred years ago due to a fatal outbreak of carelessly modified lifeforms. Unfortunately the transit ferry was also contaminated, and it self-destructed at the moment all the passangers had died. Since then, the last pieces of the unlucky spaceship have disappeared in the space's infinite void, outpost L11 has passed into oblivion after governmental examinations ended, and the biomods have wandered down, down, near to the moon's warm core.

But you have heard, from a reliable source, that prior to its abandonment, outpost L11 was accommodating Dr. Yakamura, the legendary scientist of an inhumane clarity of thought, whose existence itself, indeed, has always been a source of endless controversy. Dr. Yakamura, according to the rumours, invented nine miraculous new technologies, which were embodied in nine prototypes, which those who believe call the Yakamura Artifacts.

You equipped yourself, traveled to the Abarran sector on board of HSS St. Leopold, and there mounted your trustworthy mini-shuttle in the ship's hangar, planning to land on the moon's surface and to go and find the Artifacts. But despite of all your precautions, the storms were too powerful, your shuttle crashed, you ran away, and then the vehicle's existence terminated in a deafening explosion. With nothing else than what you are wearing, you enter the abandoned outpost in your ever more challenging quest, your quest for the Nine Artifacts, the Yakamura Legacy... Logo

3D LOS Test Screenshots

Some tunnels. The small green triangles denote places where the map continues (the player knows something in the direction of the triangles) but this part cannot be shown because it is under or over another known area that is displayed. Different floor colors denote different depths.
Larger hall. There is an entry to an area on another depth level (the green blob in the center).